Standardizing implant removal

Simple removal procedure



What we do

RemovAid is a specialized company that is certified to develop, manufacture and distribute medical devices removing implants inserted under the skin (subdermal). 

Our platform technology

The RemovAid™ device removal  procedure is composed of 3 simple steps:
1) Fixation: grasping the implant under the skin
2) Incision: cutting skin
3) Extraction: pinching the implant and removing it

This scalable technology can be tailored to remove any subdermal implant technologies (such as implants used for contraception, heart monitoring, diabetes, drug delivery and addiction control. 

Intellectual property

 RemovAid holds one granted patent and has several patents pending, protecting the technology of removal of any type of subdermal implant, including pharmaceuticals, monitoring, and microchips.  




This project focuses on the removal of single-rod contraceptive implants.  Prototypes have been tested in 2 clinical trials. Next trial is planned in Uganda, enrolling 225 patients. 


Expanding activities to remove a new type of implant.

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RemovAid current focus is on contraceptive implants, and the contraceptive implant market in itself is a large market opportunity with favorable trends globally.

The scalable nature of our technology platform combined with our expertise sets the stage for scale-up towards other applications beyond contraceptive implant removal. Each implant is unique and may require specific solutions. We will tailor our devices towards selected applications and develop new devices for removing the implants. 

RemovAid is open to collaboration and will consider opportunities outside the field of contraceptive implants.

Please do no not hesitate to contact us for potential distribution, partnership and collaboration at: