About Us

Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide quality solutions for subdermal implant's removal in all countries, starting with contraceptive implants to improve birth-control and women's health in low income countries. 

To make removal procedures more accessible, we want to expand into other fields, leading development and manufacture of removal tools for any subdermal implant. 

Our fundamental principles are: Accessibility, Reliability, Responsibility

Our History

RemovAid was founded in 2012 by Marte Bratlie, MD. 


Dr. Bratlie discovered during her clinical work that there is a huge need for a device and standardized method for removal of contraceptive implants as a replacement for the cumbersome manual and costly removal method that is currently used.

This was the start of the development of RemovAid™ medical device. In parallel, patents were filed to protect the device and procedure. 


RemovAid is ISO 13485 certified by BSI. We have implemented a full Quality Management System ensuring control of documentation, design and risk management. 

Our Certificate and Quality Policy can be downloaded below. 

Our Team

Executive team

Chief Executive Officer: Marte Bratlie

Chief Technical and Quality Officer: Nicolas Souzy

Quality Assurance Advisor: Angela Kelly

Design & Manufacturing Advisor: Erik Elwing

Clinical Research Consultant: Maria Månsson

The board

Chairman: Stig-Even Jakobsen

Board Member: Marianne Mowinckel

Board Member: Mårten Wigstøl