Our Product - RemovAid™


Soon to be launched



The device grasps and stabilizes the implant under the skin. 



A cut is made in the skin above the implant.



The implant is gripped by pinchers and removed. 

Our Technology


RemovAid is a specialized company that is certified to develop, manufacture and distribute medical devices which remove implants inserted under the skin (subdermal). 

Our platform technology

The device is intended to be used as a disposable and is provided sterile. Several prototypes have been tested, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

This scalable technology can be tailored to remove any subdermal implant technology (such as implants used for contraception, heart monitoring, diabetes, drug delivery and addiction control. 

Intellectual property

RemovAid holds two granted patents and has several patents pending protecting the removal technology of any subdermal implant type including pharmaceuticals, monitoring, and microchips.  

To request a version of our training material or the Instructions for Use, please send an email to support@removaid.com.